Easy 10-Step Meditation Routine

Meditation is the art of silencing mental noise. It builds our resilience in overcoming obstacles. it also helps combat “resistance” to alleviate anxiety and stress. Reducing general tendencies toward physiological over-arousal and calming our nervous system. Mediating is a way to get a glimpse into our subconscious needs and establish a healthy relationship with ourselves.

You are WORTH the time and effort.

Beginners usually start with 3-5 minute sessions.

@azzeja participating in the Sankofa February Challenge #CCSFC

@azzeja participating in the Sankofa February Challenge #CCSFC

In honor of our Sankofa February Challenge
I posted this routine as a caption on instagram! It was only right to publish it on the blog for safe-keeps, so here goes:

1. Rid yourself of ALL distractions (i.e. phone, TV, music, computer, people, pets, etc.)

2. Sit in a comfortable position (a chair or indian-style)

I’ve tried to do this laying down, and I fall asleep every single time!

3. Close your eyes and take a few moments (about 30 secs) to relax any obvious tensions in your body.

4. Open your eyes and get a sense of your immediate surroundings and body position.

5. Close your eyes again and continue to feel your body position and immediate surroundings.

6. Experience the feeling of simply sitting *doing nothing but being relaxed.*

7. Watch your breath. Don’t focus on controlling it, just observe yourself breathing. Since breathing is a subconscious process, by giving it your attention, you shed some light into the unseen.

8. When you become distracted by thoughts (‘cuz you will at first!) simply focus on your breathing or mantra. Just accept these experiences and don’t criticize yourself or get impatient.

Pay attention to the sort of thoughts you bombarded with, then– let them go.
When you’re just beginning, it maybe helpful to write down intrusive thoughts. This way you give them life on paper but put them to rest for later.
During mediation, we’re focused on being still, but it’s important to receive the messages our subconscious will bring to our consciousness during this stillness. You can assess (think about) those distractions AFTER, since this meditation isn’t the time for thinking. 

9. END your meditation by reciting positive affirmations like: “I will happy. I will be healthy. I will not suffer.” Feel your words profoundly. By doing so, you experience love and honor for yourself. You can follow by repeating the statements on behalf of a loved one, someone you have difficulty with, and finally the entire world. This will help keep you grounded, grateful and connected.

10. Spend 2 or 3 mins relaxing with your eyes open. Enjoy the feeling of having meditated and allow yourself to gradually return to an active state of mind.

I just started dabbling in the art of meditation so this routine is pretty rudimentary. I will be sure to give you more information as I uncover and experience different methods and practices.
Be sure to leave comments below if you have any questions, suggestions or resources for me!




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