Five Strategies You Should Be Using To Increase Your Social Media Reach

If you’re using social media correctly, then you understand that social media is just a channel you can leverage to get more exposure for your brand or business. When used to your advantage, social media a useful tool to drive traffic to your site and ultimately convert that traffic to sales. Understanding your audience and how to reach them is one of the most important preliminary steps to building your marketing strategy. Social media gives you the key to meet your audience where they are.

When it comes to leveraging social, these five strategies are the baseline #CheatCodez to increase your social media reach.

If you’re looking to build authority, connect with customers, get exposure, and build a quality following—Twitter chats are a sure-fire way to go. We saw a huge surge in engagement and impressions following our #HealYoSelf Virtual Wellness Summit Twitter chat which focused on overall wellness. One chat alone can provide your brand or business plenty of exposure, but implementing a periodic or episodic series of chats can keep audiences coming back for more—and looping likeminded followers along for the ride.

When hosting a Twitter chat, be sure to plan your questions in advance and to remain available throughout the scheduled time. Engage with those joining in on the live conversation; fave and retweet their interactions. Be sure to keep the topic pretty specific and leave room for follow-on questions in response to your thread. Leverage the opportunity to engage with your audience by giving them an opportunity to provide you with feedback for the next go-round.

With Snapchat on the decline with adult audiences, Instagram is taking the lead on ephemeralised content—or micro moments. You may see the use of Instagram’s highlights feature, allowing users to curate their moments from their archived IG stories to house on their bios. Take advantage of the opportunity to create daily, behind-the-scenes, humanized content by leveraging this platform. People relate to people. IG story and similar outlets make room for that sort of storytelling without the pressure of the perfectly curated Instagram grid-like feed.

Live streaming services are set to dominate social media by 2020. It’s projected that more than 82% of Internet traffic will be driven by live streamed content. Today, 78% of online audiences are watching videos on Facebook Live. If you have a brand or business, providing useful content to your consumers and audience through this medium can make all the difference as 80% of customers prefer watching live videos over any type of brand post.

While not considered a new phenomena by any stretch of the imagination, leveraging the right hashtags and the right balance of hashtags can help you tap into audiences you may not have been able to reach based on word of mouth. Do your research on the most effective hashtags to use based on your industry. Be sure to make use of those hashtags as soon as you post as algorithms are in favor of fresher content. Be wary of overuse—if you leverage hashtags on every post you share, algorithms will deprioritize your content. Be strategic on which posts would be most strategically impactful

This tip, while not tactical, is definitely a best practice across all platforms. Make sure your content is useful to your audience. Social media is a great way to get the dialogue going and the only way you can ensure a good convo is to open the lines of communication. Talking at the wall won’t yield the results you’re looking for. If you’re unsure what’s most useful to you audience, check the metrics and get clear on the goals your content is created to accomplish. Content should be created with different metrics of success in mind.

Above all else, ensure that your messaging is clear and consistent across all social media platforms and at your URL. Sometimes that consistency won’t happen overnight. It takes consistent content to weave together the full narrative. Be patient, but most of all, be consistent.

We get it, a lot of this is easier said than done. It all sounds well and good, but sometimes putting the methods to practice can be the toughest part. Need a hand—maybe two? We put together a #CheatSheet to tap into the members of your crew waiting to meet you out in the Twittersphere or Instaglobe. Get our 42 Hashtags To Increase Social Media Reach For Any Industry downloadable by signing up for our emails below.

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