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Spirituality, wellness, health– all of these concepts are relative from one to another. Among us (Danica, G, and Erika) relativity holds true! That’s how the concept of Heal Yo’Self was born. Each of us has a unique perspective on wellness and we all have our own brand of expertise. As friends, entrepreneurs and creatives with our own platforms and lanes, we build on each other’s strengths and level each other up wherever one of us lacks. Heal Yo’Self is an opportunity to further our personal development, build on our bonds and extend them to you as we all grow in our truth.

Spiritual awareness and overall wellness is for er’body. We’re here to humanize these concepts and learn with you. But first, let’s give you a little background on who you’re werkin with 😉




magiazine is a creative hub + digital platform organized by @brujamoney to celebrate the magic of creators of color & increase visibility/possibilities.


magiazine produces ‘zine fairs, quarterly ‘zines + creative functions designed to connect artists with the resources + tools they need.


Inner G Flow 

Helpin’ you, help yourself. At the corner of Science & Spirituality. Inner G Flow gives you honesty, humor, hip-hop, heart”break” and healing.


Since creativity, vulnerability, intimacy and serenity are undervalued, let’s turn the tide! Then go with the flow…
Can you swim?


Danica Explains It All

Think four-letter words + four-syllable prose. Slick mouth to match slicker s-curls and baby hairs. Unapologetically real with a heart of gold.


A living testament that progress should always come before perfection. Mistakes are best made in good company + in the sunshine. Embrace ’em.

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Let’s do it Together

Throughout the weekend, we’ll be updating the site and shooting you emails to keep you in the loop. We’ll continue adding resources and links right here at CMRLLA.COM to make
this site your one stop shop!

At the end of the weekend, we’ll wrap it up den! The same way we’re challenging you to “do the work” this weekend, we’ll be grindin’ too. In real time.

Keep Me Posted!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi



  • @Cam_arilla was created to connect movers and shakers. We’re here to help savvy hustlers work smarter.

    Facilitating meaningful connections, business and personal alike, we hack creativity, business and life together. Join + share your #CheatCodez on the blog. 

  • Magiazine is a digital platform + organization created by @brujamoney to celebrate the magic of & increase visibility/possibilities for creatives of color.

    magiazine produces ‘zine fairs, quarterly ‘zines + a gamut of experimental art functions intended to connect artists with the resources + tools they need to produce.

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July 28 - 30
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