Heal Yo’Self Wellness Summit

Your body is miraculous. It’s fought tons of wars for you today, and won. Walking, talking, and even breathing are examples of how much we take for granted – but just because we aren’t having a near-death experience doesn’t mean we’re at our best.

Have a headache? Buy some tylenol. Feeling depressed? See a psychiatrist. Thing is, we all have the inner ability to heal ourselves. It’s easy to forget when you’re under so much influence to look outside of you. We’re taught to treat symptoms instead of problems.

That’s where we come in: we want to show you ways to treat yo’ self and ultimately, #HEALYOSELF


Camarilla Complex is teaming up with Magiazine for the first Heal Yo’Self Wellness Summit the last weekend of July. We — GDanica, and Erika — are taking a holistic approach. Emphasizing self-awareness, self-love, honesty and openness. If that doesn’t sound insane to you, perfect. You’re in the right place! If it does… bear with us! We want to help you help yourself! We’ll be offering realistic, actionable steps to DIY. From alternative medicine to traditional psychology, we’re partnering with amazing people who study, practice and apply their wisdom. They want you to do the same!

We want you to get well from the comfort of your home. We’re coordinating this virtual summit with an ongoing program of events and experiences to keep you in good shape! 

Expect our #HealYoSelf campaign to pop up on Twitter, IG, Facebook, SnapChat, Google Hangouts On Air (YouTube Live) and Pinterest. Some of us will be sharing resources, others will be teaching or hosting safe spaces. All of us will be learning and connecting with like-minded people. If you’re interested in learning, sharing, teaching, serving or healing – #HealYoSelf is for you. 

Make sure you register here to stay in the loop with dates, participants, events, activities, promo codes and more. You can also keep up with us via #HealYoSelf on social media.

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If you’re ready to take it to the next level and share some of your knowledge with us… you can still be a part of the summit as a thought leader, host, teacher or facilitator!

Want to know exactly how you can get involved?

Let us know if you have gems to drop on the following subjects: awareness, personal development, alternative medicine, creativity, inspiration, spirituality, science, organization, nutrition, illness, exercise, sleep, home remedies and community. This is a digital summit. Geographic location won’t hold us back!

Participating will give you an opportunity to increase your reach and engage with the people who need you most. We want you to share your recipes on Pinterest or post your tutorial to Youtube… we’ll help you promote! What to share your knowledge? We’ll help you strategize and we’re happy to facilitate.

If you’re interested in having a launch, selling a product or hosting an event, fill out this form or contact us directly. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We’ll host live chats via Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for the duration of the summit. If you want to facilitate a chat focused on wellness; emotional, physical or spiritual, fill out the form below by clicking on the collaborate button!
Have some content that you’d like to share with our audience and beyond? Thinking about launching some e-courses in the new year? The Heal Yo’Self Summit is the perfect opportunity to get the word out! Teachable and Google Hangouts are useful tools in making it happen.
Have promotional merchandise that could use some exposure to a different audience? Have a product that you’d like in the hands of more people? The Heal Yo’Self Summit is looking for vendors and merchandisers who are interested in sponsoring giveaways or creating a special promotion.
Found some fulfillment in life that you want to share with the world? A strategy that’s worked in maintaining your wellness? We want to interview you! Fill out the form below and let’s chat!
Workshops differ from webinars. They’re more interactive 🙂 If you’d like to host a workshop inviting others to engage in the name of wellness– we want to hear from you!
The Heal Yo’Self Summit is the perfect opportunity to utilize our Forums! Ask questions. Share stories. We want to hear those Cheat Codez to well-being, too! See the link below or drop a line here to share!
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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi



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