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We’re often told that time heals all wounds. While our bodies work miracles, it’s important to know that time is not the remedy. Over time, our focus just shifts. We get numb to the pain. Until one day, something touches a tender spot, we get confused and everything we thought we were DELIVERT from comes back to drown us.

Part of healing is learning how to swim– learning how to dive deeper into yourself and make it out! It’s about addressing past trauma and empowering yourself to “go through” situations instead of avoiding the work. Gotta take lemons and make lemonade, right? Don’t just hide the extra lemons under your bed! Trust, you’ll remember the lemons are there when you smell your room rotting away!

SO what’s the Deal?

Healing demands awareness and attention. It takes effort and patience. Healing is a choice. That’s why we’re dedicating this whole weekend (7/28-7/30) to CHOOSIN’ UP!

Throughout the weekend, we’re encouraging community initiatives geared towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Psycho-spiritual tings.

We’re sharing authentic, growth-oriented and flexible strategies for free, DIY therapy.

Whether you want to expand your reach and teach new people OR sit back and learn more about holistic wellness… #HealYoSelf is for you. Wanna join the conversations?


Search the hashtag on Social Media to keep up with the happs, tips, deals, and all that jazz. We also welcome you to use the hashtag if you have gems to drop!

Topic Ideas: awareness, personal development, emotional intelligence, mental stability, alternative medicine, creativity, spirituality, science, productivity, organization, meditation, nutrition, illness, esoteric teachings, exercise, sleep, home remedies, relationships and the power of community.

The goal is to make magic happen this weekend by facilitating the exchange of info and energy flow. This is all digital because 3D won’t hold us back!

Participating will give you an opportunity to engage with the people who need you most! We want you to go live (on FB, IG, Periscope, Snapchat, etc) to share your message! We want to RT your threads. And tell people about your articles and Youtube links! Use the hashtag #HEALYOSELF to connect with your kinda folk.

Help Us Help You

We love to share valuable content from platforms we trust. That said, we're also happy to extend our platform!

We Can Feature You + Your Message

We know what it's like to have #CheatCodez to share with no platform (outside of social media) to make it happen! We'd love to feature your work. Byline + promo guaranteed 😉


Let’s do it Together

Throughout the weekend, we’ll be curating this post and adding new ones to this site.
We’ll continue adding resources and links to make this site your one stop shop!

At the end of the weekend, we’ll wrap it up den! The same way we’re challenging you to “do the work” this weekend, we’ll be grindin’ too. In real time.

The Rundown

  • Click the image above to open the PDF and visit the links.

    For starters, get to know your guides.☺ As we wind down the work-week, Friday is all about Personal Reflection. While on your quest to level up, awareness is a major key! CLICK HERE to download a #CheatSheet to help you on your quest. These tools for personal discovery will get your feet wet as we dive deeper Saturday and Sunday. We’ll touch on mental health and habits with content from some of your faves throughout the weekend. But WHY WAIT? Act Brand New Today! Our friends Shawnee and Jori got you covered 😉

  • Get ready to join us for live discussions. We have a couple twitter talks lined up! From Home Remedies to Natal Chart chats. During our e-Farmer’s Market on Twitter we’re working with AYA Nation to share brands + products without “mystery labels.” If you’re curious about nutrition and interested in a plant-based diet, we’re making time to explore that, too! We also have a Magiazine Book Fair challenge on IG with and gifting a couple lucky participants! Expect to hear about people, brands and products that are good for the soul.

  • Click the image above to open the PDF and visit the links.

    Love is the remedy. Are you giving yourself enough? On Sunday we’re taking our deepest dive. We’ll start the day with some Yoga. Then *drum roll* Shadow Work. Erika, Danica and G will kick this off by touching on the subconscious mind, the power of self-awareness and surrender. We’ll also be talking to some amazing women about trauma and emotional baggage. Then we’ll get into tools for “doing the work” which includes exercises and esoteric teachings (i.e. tarot, astrology, numerology, etc). We’ll explore the Divine Feminine and the magic of creation. Just when you thought we’d run out of gemz, Jacque of Bare Mystics is giving you a #CheatSheet to round out your Summer using 5 Crystal Hacks to wellness and chakra cleansing. 🔮

Keep Me Posted!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi



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