Top 5 Music Picks: Comeback Releases & Unsung Heroes

Tuesday: it may seem like another ordinary day of the week, but to the music aficionado it’s the birthdate of countless classics and bangers. As U.S. tradition has it, most albums and new music are released on Tuesdays for reasons ranging from sales tactics to extra time for chart climbing on Billboard Magazine’s Top 100 (released on Wednesdays).

As our lovely Instagram (@Cam_arilla) followers may have witnessed, #TuneInTuesday is my way of sharing my favorite songs and new releases with my fellow music heads. I’d like it to be interactive, so let me know your likes, dislikes, and what you want more of. Jam sessions are welcome, so feel free to suggest songs and artists—I‘d be happy to tune in!

As for my debut post, I wanted to pay homage to names in the game you’ve probably never heard of, or haven’t heard on airwaves in a while.

These are my top five picks for comeback releases and unsung heroes:

5.   Kid Cudi – Indicud 


Kid Cudi made his mark in 2008 under the protective umbrella of Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music label, but seemed to have progressively retreated into the background as the designated “hook man” of hip-hop. Claiming it a “business decision,” Cudi decided to cut the cord with West and label mates earlier this year for the sake of his new label, Wicked Awesome Records, and a fresh start. Indicud is just that, with traces of Man on the Moon: The End of Day and debut mixtape A Kid Named Cudi, it’s like he never skipped a beat.

They couldn’t keep Cudi tied down to hooks for too long. Second chances live in hip-hop, too.

Fave tracks: “Girls” ft. Too $hort, “Brothers” ft. King Chip & A$AP Rocky


4.   John Legend – Love in the Future


Only a Legend could go on a five-year hiatus and drop a chart topper like Love in the Future. Unless you count Wake Up, a collaboration he did with The Roots in 2010, John Legend kept his presence to a minimum of an occasional feature since Evolver released in 2008. LITF is the perfect paradigm of R&B and Soul as it serves as an accurate reflection of his new life as a newlywed. Unlike his past albums where he’s an open advocate for trifling love, he embraces his new role as a salesman for dreamy, everlasting love. Let’s hope Legend doesn’t keep us waiting for more.

Fave tracks: “So Gone,” “All of Me”


3.   Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap

Chance the Rapper -- Acid Rap

Hip-hop’s favorite rookie has wooed thousands of fans with only two mixtapes under his belt. His most recent work being Acid Rap, a self-released tape featuring guest appearances from Twista, BJ the Chicago Kid, Action Bronson, Childish Gambino and Ab-Soul. The Chicago native scored a nomination in this year’s BET Awards for “Best Mixtape” and graced this month’s cover of Complex Magazine. In an interview with Complex, he shared that the inspiration for his career began with Kanye West’s The College Dropout—the first hip-hop album he ever picked up—just like me! 🙂

Chance’s budding Indie career gives hope for originality in mainstream hip-hop.

Fave tracks: “Lost” ft. Noname Gypsy, “Pusha Man” ft. Nate Fox & Lili K.


2.   Daft Punk – Random Access Memories


In recent Daft Punk news, Random Access Memories is reportedly getting a Deluxe Box Set Edition. Exciting news for fans who were itching for another album since Alive in 2007. Daft Punk has contributed to the production of major albums like Kanye West’s Yeezus, so they haven’t been completely depriving fans… but still.

Did you know: Random Access Memory (RAM) is the best-known form of computer memory? A clever play on words on behalf of Daft.

As one of the forces that helped push the start of the EDM craze, it was refreshing to hear the album sounded nothing like EDM. I have nothing against the genre as I’m a fan myself, but I look forward to artists developing their signature sound. Just listen to “Giorgio by Moroder” and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Fave tracks: “Fragments of Time,” “Lose Yourself to Dance” ft. Pharrell


1.   Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely 


This light-hearted, cruising anthem-filled album alludes to all that is 90s West Coast Cool. Dom Kennedy’s demeanor consists of a little conscious, a little gangsta, a little playa, a little lyrical and a little old school; and he’s definitely kept these components consistently balanced. The Indie artist from L.A. veers away from forcing any type of style on his listeners but subtly drops lyrical gems like “Black Bentleys” within a sea of feel-good tracks.

“I think about going home all the time,” Kennedy reads a letter from incarcerated cousin, Joey Supreme, at the end of “Erica Part 2” where the album’s feel suddenly switches into a more articulate and serious tone but its purpose comes full circle.

“More importantly, keep supplying that dope music,” a strong conclusion—Kennedy’s muse loud and clear.

Fave tracks: “Black Bentleys,” “After School”




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