Like a Puzzle

Let me preface this “theory” by stating that I’m a faux-philosopher. I always seek deeper understanding, then attempt to convert those ideas into a “science” of sorts that makes sense to me.

Analogies help me explain concepts I’m exploring and allow me to further grasp them. My intent is never to preach or convince you to buy into my notions.  Rather, share where my mind’s at.

One of my most recent epiphanies involved the realization that co-dependent relationships hinder my personal growth.

I don’t want someone else to “complete” me. I want to be whole and happy so that I can complement the people I love. Here goes:

We are all like puzzles. Born fully equipped with all our pieces. Putting them together as we experience life.

The first step to take on the path of self improvement, by way of personal development, is acknowledging that we already have all the pieces we need to feel complete. To be free and truly fulfilled.

Along our journey, we feed our souls. We put pieces of our puzzle together, by working to understand  ourselves.

We assess past experiences– learning and letting go. We explore our feelings and emotions, rather than avoid them. We set aside time to think, instead of having our thoughts rule us. We become open-minded and aware in the present, while focusing on goals that complement what our souls yearn for.

We don’t get caught up trying to manipulate the world around us. We use our energy to rule ourselves– not to worry about things (and people) we can’t control.

If we’re lucky enough to have a healthy support system like a camarilla or a nurturing family, perhaps even a significant other, more pieces come together as our loved ones compel us to see ourselves through different eyes.

So now the puzzle’s looking good. The framing pieces are in place– so we can see where we’re at, as well as imagine what the final product will look like.

But we’re still not “whole”

So what’s missing?

Lots of money? A partner who completes you? Cooler friends? Better job? A baby? More fame? More compliments?


We’re feeding our souls, working on bad habits, becoming more focused, interacting better with others, maturing all around. Yet, our SOUL is only part of what we are. Our emotions, thoughts and our will-power, are all connected to our soul. When those elements align, we can feel peace and happiness on the right path, but we will always fall short without Spirit.

Our (holy) spirit is our direct link to our creator and our purpose. If our soul isn’t in harmony, the internal turmoil can prevent us from feeling his light and good grace. From having access to the incredible power we can only harness by way of Him.

Our spirit completes our puzzle and makes us whole. Not our romantic interest. Not our family. Not success.

I’m far from “whole” right now, but I’ve already opened my proverbial puzzle box, and am currently putting my pieces together.

Are you?




  1. MY GOODNESS! I got goosebumps at the end of this. I love you so so so much for always being there to hold up the mirror and tell me like it is. This spoke to my soul but you know. Yinnin and yanginnnnn but I’m always afraid to talk about the deep stuff, publicly. This is so encouraging. I’m so excited to grow WITH YOU, spiritually. Hearing and seeing Him through my friends only further validates that I’m on the right path. I love you forever and ever and ever!

    1. Author

      Neeks! That was so sweet!
      I’m so happy my message touched you!
      That’s what it’s all about, right?!?! The yin to mahhhhh 😉

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