The NFL & Violence Against Women — Take a Stand.

I signed this petition today.

It urges the NFL to address domestic violence, and to set “Consistent Punishment Guidelines for NFL Players Who Commit Violence Against Women”

According to Gretchen Tome, the creator of the petition, the NFL:

“consistently hands down stricter punishments for breaking the substance abuse policy than for committing violent crimes against female partners and acquaintances.”

She focuses on the case of Ray Rice, a running back for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. He was issued a two (2) game suspension for hitting his partner in the face so hard— he knocked her unconscious and proceeded to drag her across the floor, back in February.

Rice is sitting out of the first two games of the 2014 season. He will begin serving his suspension Aug. 30, and he will be eligible for reinstatement Sept. 12. His teammate, Will Hill, will be suspended for six games for marijuana use. 

Of 32 NFL teams, 21 have players that have been charged with domestic or sexual violence at some point.

Tome goes on to quote Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, when asked about Rice’s actions: it’s “not that big of a deal.”

“When the NFL doesn’t take domestic violence seriously the league is sending a message to its players, its team owners, and its fans, they shouldn’t either,” says Tome.

Violence against women, inflicted by men, is despicable. Even more so, when the aggressor is someone the victim “loves” and has built a family with. What makes matters worse— these athletes are often admired by the masses; creating a terrible example for young impressionable men. Boys who yearn to emulate the luxurious lifestyle these athletes have.

NFL players are extraordinarily strong – physically – so anatomically… this is pure savagery. Brought forth, by the one person who a female partner expects will protect her. With the money and the fame, a false sense of entitlement is nearly inevitable, but the consequences are disturbing and the societal implications are impossible to deny.

Get these athletes some mandatory mental HELP  while they are “reprimanded,” instead of just punishing a slap on the face, with a slap on the wrist. Perhaps, affected female counterparts should be provided with resources to help them, too.  Since this dangerous “game” involves two unstable “players.” Two people who probably need assistance to develop more healthy tactics when dealing with disputes.

To date, the petition that urges the NFL to take a stance has 56,535 supporters.

Be a part of the change.





  1. I love this, G.
    Now if only corporations and public agencies would hold themselves to higher standards in issues regarding casual sexism we’d start making bigger leaps in the progression … but I digress. Another post for another time, perhaps?

  2. I feel like this topic is a double edged sword. A man nor a woman she be hitting on each other. If you lover makes you mad to the point of you wanting to thrash them, then maybe it would be a good time to sit back and evaluate the pro’s and the cons of the relationship. Is our love really worth us knocking each other the hell out. I can’t really judge someone’s situation without all the facts. That’s all I’m saying.

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